Forum Suggestions

The Veeqo developer forum is very new.
What are we missing?

Perhaps users could have a point/star system to show how much they have contributed to posts etc?

There are badges, and user levels. I’m not sure how obvious they appear in the forums themselves but there is something along the lines of that you have described.

When trying to put a emoji, i need to make a tab after previous word to make that smile appear in preview.
For example, i’m just putting emoji here:grinning:, but in preview I see the same thing: ‘here:grinning:’, but when I’m putting tab after last word, it works all good, for example: hello :grinning:, and now I see that emoji :slight_smile:
Emoji autocomplete works in same way. It would be great if tab before emoji is autoappended.
Because right now this behavior is little confusing.

Hey Andriy,

Unfortunately this is behaviour I don’t have any control over!