Allocation_id - article line number in WMS

Is there a way to create a partial shipment using the /shipments endpoint.
Currently, the /shipments POST requires a shipment object, allocation_id, and order_id.

If our warehouse cannot fulfill the order in its entirety AND we have been instructed to ship the products we do have available, how do we indicate to Veeqo that this shipment pertains to only certain line items within the order?

is the allocations_id the line-item reference for the products?

so with an order with 3x articles I will have 3x different allocation_id’s
and then 3x shipment messages send with track&trace information (with the same order_id, same track and trace number but the different allocation_id’s)
I’m I more or less correct with that assumption?


Here is one of the messages we were trying to send back

so the allocations_id is wrong, it should be retrieved during the order pickup and same id should be send back in the shipment post.

but where do I indicate that this is not the whole order, that for instance only 2 out of the 3 products were shipped?

there is only one allcoations_id in the json file (and 3x line items)
I do not see how to indicate the partial shipment send in this shipment message, can you please assist? thank you

{ LF

“shipment”: { LF

“tracking_number_attributes”: { LF

“tracking_number”: “05228782696616” LF

}, LF

“carrier_id”: 4, LF

“notify_customer”: false, LF

“update_remote_order”: false LF

}, LF

“allocation_id”: 1, LF

“order_id”: 86458697 LF


the adjusted message

“shipment”: {
“tracking_number_attributes”: {
“tracking_number”: “05228782696616”
“carrier_id”: 4,
“notify_customer”: false,
“update_remote_order”: false
“allocation_id”: 74073454,
“order_id”: 86458697

still getting error 404

can anybody please assist? thank you

My understanding is that each allocation (and allocation_id) corresponds to a group of products allocated from a particular warehouse. With the right Veeqo settings, available stock for an order should be automatically allocated, and the out of stock items unallocated. POSTING to the shipments end point should create a shipment for the in stock items.

@crb03 Yep this is correct - if you ensure only the line items which can be fulfilled are allocated, and ship only that allocation, it will leave any out of stock products unshipped and create a shipment for the products which are in stock.