Is there a way to Bulk stock update by API

I want to update stock for about 40k products. So with single api call to update stock will take hours and hours to update and it may fail due to api limit. So is there a smart way to bulk update the stock by api or by csv file daily? Can csv file be scheduled and automated updating daily from that?

Hi, @dhiraj.
Currently, the API does not support bulk stock entries. The API also does not handle csv files. Since our bucket size is 100 requests, I would suggest trying something like a cron job to get around those limits.

May I ask the reason for doing a bulk stock entry so I can maybe help you further?

We need to do inventory update daily for around 40k products. With your api, We need to fetch all 40k products first as you need warehouse id and sellable id to update the stock for product. So fetching all 40k products also take lot of time and again we need to update that back with new stock level, So that also takes huge time to update. That’s why I was asking you to bulk update or csv update, So we can do update faster than this.

Unfortunately, bulk stock entries are just not possible.
However, we do offer API support for enterprise customers.

Veeqo does natively offer infinite stock levels for variants accessible through the UI if that’s what your end goal is.