Order creation deletes wholesale customer shipping address

When I create a new order via the API and specify the customer_id and deliver_to_id correctly for a wholesale customer, the order is created but the customer’s shipping address is deleted. This is unexpected - am I doing something wrong?

This is the API body I’m sending (minus the real IDs):

      "order": {
        "channel_id": 77777,
        "customer_id": 66666666,
        "deliver_to_id": 111111111,
        "created_at": "2020-03-22T13:08:43.000Z",
        "due_date": "22/03/2020",
        "number": "TEST1",
        "send_notification_email": false,
        "line_items_attributes": [
            "price_per_unit": "77.000",
            "taxless_discount_per_unit": "0.00",
            "quantity": "1",
            "tax_rate": 0,
            "sellable_id": 44444444
        "additional_order_level_taxless_discount": "00.00",
        "delivery_method_id": 222222,
        "delivery_cost": "0.00",
        "total_tax": "0.00",
        "total_discounts": "0",
        "payment_attributes": {
          "payment_type": "online_finance",
          "reference_number": "PAYMENTJLTEST1"
        "employee_notes_attributes": [
            "text": "Test Sale"

Just to add, I’ve tried the same call now with a “Retail” type customer and that works as expected - the order is created and the customer retains the shipping address, so this appears to be related to the “Wholesale” customer type.

Hi @crb03

This looks to be the correct request (and obviously not intended behaviour!) so I’m just in the process of investigating this and will attempt to recreate on my own account.

Can you send an email to helpme@veeqo.com and request Sam for API support and we can communicate on there.

Technical Support Manager

Thanks Sam, I have just emailed the helpme address as requested.