Order Printing and Shipping label

I think i need some more information before i start some integration to handle few scenarios via the API.

  1. Is there any way to print the order as soon as it is imported? any Rule etc? If not, i suppose i would need to write something that scans the new orders and then print it locally. Could it be printed via API if there is no rule/automated printing as this will work with v-print etc?
  2. I can’t seem to be able find how to create shipping label via API. if its “create shipment” api then where do we define weight, dimensions and the service for the courier (24/48 hours etc)? the example of carrier_id.
  3. For mergeable orders, say there are 3 orders which could be shipped together, i planning to create shipment for first order and somehow get the tracking# and then update other two order with the same tracking. How do i do that?

feels like i am missing some API.

And last one, is there any api to create manifest for Royalmail shipments. I know there is a screen but want to know if there exists an api?

Hi @shani!
Thanks for raising this with the team.

  1. There is no way to automatically print an order when it is created by API. You can create a tool that scans for new orders, and gets the shipment label URL after it is shipped. The label URL is exposed as part of the shipment object on orders endpoint.
  2. The Shipping API allows this functionality, however it is in Beta and unavailable for US accounts. This is only possible for UK accounts. If you require this feature and are a UK account, please contact the support team to enable this for you.
  3. You can create a shipment using our shipments endpoint (This endpoint does not allow the creation of labels) but it allows you to enter a carrier and tracking information. Please see: API Docs - Veeqo Developers – It is currently not possible to get a list of mergeable orders. You will need to do some specific queries to determine which orders are mergeable based off delivery address.
  4. There is no manifests endpoint. Royal Mail Manifests are automatically generated by Veeqo, daily, with a Royal Mail Carrier Integration.

For more detailed documentation, you can see the Swagger Spec here: Build, Collaborate & Integrate APIs | SwaggerHub

Hope this helps!

Thanks so,

  1. This is not for shipping label but rather packaging slips but i guess the answer will be same, that i write some code to find new orders and then send them to local printing in the format that is required.
  2. Yes, I am in UK so i will ask for this feature. The idea is that the user will scan the order barcode and the system will call the shipping API to generate the shipping label. I am hoping that either i will get back the pdf or it will be added to the order which i can reload and print the label.
  3. so i will try to merge the orders such that first order will have the shipping label created with tracking using #2 and then update other 2 orders with this tracking using shipment api.
  4. ok so we can only create manifest via website.

Just wanted to update that the support came back to me saying that there is no API that i can use to generate labels. The beta API that you mentioned is to add shipment companies, if they are not already supported by veeqo.
So, as things stand, there is no API that can mimic the same behaviour as per the UI, where one can select the order, and create new shipment by selecting the courier company service.
I hope this function is exposed as this simply put the whole project on hold.