Order status update

Hello again,

I have one more trouble. I think it is because i don’t send some data.
So my flow:
I create order using api,
Then I want to update it’s status to ‘shipped’ for example.
It works smoothly, status is changed, and if I try to get product via API I can see status with value ‘shipped’.
But, if I take a look on UI, my order is “Ready To Ship”.
PS: I do send payment data, but I have “shipped_at” field empty on response.
And It would be great, if you admit what data should I send to change order status to some other, such as “cancelled”, “on_hold”.
Thanx a lot :slight_smile:

Oh, sorry for bothering you, I just was looking not to the right order :frowning:

No Problem! I love problems that solve themselves!