Shipping label link

Hi, I’m trying to set up a Zapier workflow that sends the shipment label to a drive folder when we ship a label, but I am not seeing a way to retrieve the shipment label with an order ID in the API. Does such a call exist?

Hey @augustb,
You can access the shipping label’s URL for a given order by getting the order ID and looking at the shipment object for a given order which contains the label_url.

Hi @fullsam,

This answer is not accurate. the label url is returned as follow:

"label_url": "/shipping/labels?shipment_ids%5B%5D=xxxxxxxxx",

There isn’t full URI available. if you add “” before the label_url, you will get “401: Unauthorized” even with the x-api-key is added to the header.

the aforementioned label_url is only usable on browsers while you’re logged in to the veeqo app by prepending thus requires a valid cookie. there’s no way of requesting the label_url via API. I would be thrilled if there was, because i’ve been following this issue for months now.

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