Unable to update stock entries with 0

I would like to update the physical_stock_level of products to 0.

The endpoint that I’m using is /sellables/{sellable_id}/warehouses/{warehouse_id}/stock_entry.

The API works if the physical stock level is a positive number. However, it seems to ignore the update when the physical stock level is 0.

HI Neo_kit,

If the stock level is already the required amount, then technically there is nothing to update


Hi Ade,

Thanks for the reply.

What neo_kit means is that when sending physical_stock_level 0 to a product that has a positive physical_stock_level already, does not change it to 0.

But sending a physical_stock_level > 0 to a product, will correctly change it to that number.

Eg if the product has a current physical_stock_level of 5.

And we send an API request with physical_stock_level 3. It will change it to 3.

But if we send an API request with physical_stock_level of 0, the end result is a stock level of 5 still.

Hi neoneo,

Is this the case also if you attempt to update the same product in the app?
Is this the case for all sellables?


I wanted to update this in case anybody else has this problem (unlikely).

We found out that the /sellables/{sellable_id}/warehouses/{warehouse_id}/stock_entry PUT calls were not working because the payload was no longer working.

Previously we were able to send a payload like this:

				"physical_stock_level":  200

Following the current API documentation, we changed that to this:

	"stock_entry": {
		"physical_stock_level":  200,		

Our usage originated some years ago so its possible that the non-conforming payload was working when we first made it.