Veeqo API on GitHub

The Veeqo API GitHub not only hosts the documentation but also several basic examples on how to use the API.

The first of which is by Yev, one of our full-stack engineers who has been working to make Veeqo better for the last two years along with his dog.
The example is a script written in python and downloads shipping labels for orders that have been shipped today.
Shipment Label Downloader

The Second example is a simple webpage that displays a list of products on a page, it uses a PHP CURL script to make the call to the API.
It was created by Vasily who has been working primarily on our front end for almost two and a half years now and is a master of Marionett and Backbone.
Products List

Our third example is a live webpage that links into the dashboard API endpoint. This is the same endpoint that is used by the mobile app on its main screen. If you have an API key you can see it working in action and check out the source code.
The Dashboard was built by myself using a similar PHP CURL method to Vasily’s Products List.

We have a couple more examples that are going to be on the way soon. One written in Java, and hopefully a few other languages. Let me know if there is anything else that you would particularly like to see!

A quick search of "Veeqo" on GitHub also turns up several other useful bits and pieces:

A Veeqo API Ruby Gem built by the amazing team at Coaxsoft

A Ruby Interface to the Veeqo API by abunashir

The word “Veeqo” written in a readme by Leaski not that useful

A PHP wrapper for the Veeqo API by XBS-Nathan