500 error on app when trying to ship

Hi Veeqo team,

I’m working with the Shipping API in Veeqo. Sometimes (I haven’t identified exactly wen yet), when we click on the “Ship” button on Veeqo app, the server respond with a 500 error code.
When I test the request directly on my app using Postman, without making the request through Veeqo, everything works as expected.
But when my client use the Veeqo webapp to ship an order, Veeqo returns that error. I have nothing in logs about a 500 on my side. Even not sure that Veeqo makes a request to my app.

Here are the details of the request made from browser (on Veeqo app):

Request payload (removed IDs for privacy):

And the JSON response given by Veeqo:
{status: 500, error: “Internal Server Error”}

Are you aware of that bug? Anything I can do to fix it?
Thanks for the help.

Hi, @riderodd!
Welcome to the Veeqo developer forum!

To investigate this further, I will need the companies ID and an example order ID. You can use endpoint /current_company to get the company ID, but it is also present in the response in the /orders endpoint.

As soon as I get the example ID’s, I’ll be able to take a deeper dive into this for you.

Also, to confirm, have you been able to replicate this behaviour outside of the Veeqo web app?


Hey @Kristien !

Sorry for the late reply.

There’s an order ID that generated a 500 error just now: 4679268565244
And company ID: 26236
Last error call with error was Mon, 14 Mar 2022 10:57:29 GMT

And I can confirm that I’m sure the 500 does not come from an error on my side, all logs tells that evrything is fine, and requests responded with 200 status code. When I make the request directly from Postman, not through Veeqo, it works in all cases. Hope that with the IDs you’ll be able to help me with that :slight_smile:

thanks my issue has been fixed.