Veeqo API throwing intermittent 500 Internal Server Errors

We’ve recently started using the Veeqo API to allocate inventory to orders when they are placed. For context, the reason we’re doing this is that we need to see products that are out of stock in the digital picking experience and haven’t found another way to accomplish this except allocating through the API.

However, during the last week since we implemented this we’ve experienced getting 500 Internal Server Errors back on a couple of occasions, lasting for several minutes. Most recently we had such an incident this morning, where we got 500 errors during over 10 minutes, which is highly problematic since we do grocery delivery in under 10 minutes to our customers.

Has anyone else experienced these types of intermittent errors / found a way to work around them?

Thank you.

// Peter

Hi Peter,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear you’re experiencing these issues.

Do you have logs of when the requests are returning errors? Timestamps on this would greatly improve our ability to look into what is going on


Hey, I’m no longer seeing this issue, hopefully it was just a temporary issue