500 error on order update request

Hi there,
updating order with id 11506889 with following data:
{:order=>{:line_items_attributes=>[{:sellable_id=>10027438, :quantity=>1}]}}
Same with orders with ids: 11484827, 11443346, 11205090
got 500 error
Can you investigate this?

Hey Andriy,

Almost all of the time a 500 error occurs when there is a small error in your request.

Either the request is incorrectly formed or, in the vast majority of cases, it occurs when an ID in the request is incorrect.

In this case please can you double check the sellable_id is correct. Easiest way to do this is by doing a GET request to that order ID.

If you’re certain everything is correct, let me know and I can investigate in more detail from my end.

I’m here updating titles for each order.
And just for those three error occurred, as for hundreds it’s ok.
It seems I’ve checked that id is correct.
But I’ll check again.

Order id: 11251026
update_data: {:order=>{:line_items_attributes=>[{:sellable_id=>11212910, :quantity=>1}, {:sellable_id=>11215211, :quantity=>1}]}}
Order sellables: [11212910, 11215211]
#<Veeqo::InternalServerError: {“status”:“500”,“error”:“Internal Server Error”}>

Can you PM me your API key please so I can try and replicate the error.

Okay, so I was sending update request for ‘cancelled’ order.
But it is no way to do this, that is a reason of 500 error.

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