Allocation pack before shipping

Hello there,

Is there any way with API to pack order allocation before shipping like we did in Veeqo interface?

Please can you clarify what you mean by pack order allocation before shipping?

In theory, you should be able to do everything you can do in the UI via the API.

After allocation,
Click ship and pack allocation 100% but not entering their shipping details.

This process change packed_completely to true and shipping still null.

I’m sorry, I’m still not following. Please can you try explaining the process flow you’re trying to create.

Suppose, I created a order with order no. “12345”.
It’s have a line items:

  • Item A
  • Item B
  • Item C

Now, these items allocated to different warehouses W1 and W2.

Allocation #1: Item A + Item B [ W1 ]

Allocation #2: Item C [ W2 ]

Now, I click ship button. It will open new pop up to pack allocation and entering shipping information.

When I pack allocation but not enter any shipping details and close pop up.

Then access order data with API.

Allocation Part parameters

  • packed_completely: 1,
  • Shipment: Null

Do I change allocation parameter “packed_completely” status from 0 to 1.


Yes, if you change that attribute from 0 -> 1 it will display as packed completely in the interface.

In API documents, there is no information available how I can change this value from 0 -> 1.

Do you let me know, how I can change this from API.

Hey Phil,

I tried to update order with following json data but it’s everytime return 400 and one time return 500

Update Order:

  "order": {
    "allocations_attributes": [
        "id": 10428266,
        "allocated_by_id": 7800,
        "order_id": 13593284,
        "packed_completely": true
        "id": 11137006

PS: Please do let me know which required parameter is missing in this request?

I got it. I’m trying it with wrong API endpoint. ( Order Update )

When, I tried to update allocation information with Allocation > Allocation Update endpoint. It’ll work for me.

Also, this query help me to understand more about Veeqo API.


Great to hear you managed to get this working!

There are endpoints that are intentionally undocumented as we haven’t fully tested them and may require to change them. If an end point is not in the documentation it should be used with caution.

What’s your suggestion about using them?
Do it create any trouble later?

I will do everything I can to minimise the changes that are made, or alert you in advance if there are changes coming.

My suggestion is to avoid if possible, but just be a bit cautious and create robust error logging and handling. If anything should break we will endeavour to fix or find a work around as quickly as possible.

I try to avoid but If I start using this and If there is something went wrong then in that case it will only affect order allocation data only and nothing else?

Indeed, and in all likelihood Veeqo with throw an error.

Ok. I believe, It’ll work and I’ll place error logging. keep looking for forum regular updates… once a day

Thanks Phil