Brand API or brand name for product API


I would like to request a Brand creation API. I understand that I can upload a product CSV with the brand name and the system will create a new brand if not exist. However, the product API only accept brand ID. Is it possible to pass a brand name to the product API or a brand API?


Hey Kitty,

It’s not possible to create product brands via the API as of this moment unfortunately. I’ll note your request down though so we can take a look into adding that to the public API as it will be useful to fully automate the creation of new products.


Is there any update on product brands creation in the public API?


Was hoping for an API solution for this as well.

Currently investigating a potential workaround where I manually extract the brand ids from the products brand web page.

This article will show you how to navigate to the product brands page. From there use your browser’s developer tools to inspect the HTML. There is an unordered list (ul tag) whose list items have attributes that seem to reference the brand ids.