Cancel an order

Is it possible to cancel or update the status of an order using API?

Thank you.

Hey there,

It’s not possible to directly update the status but you can move the order through the status’ by updating the relevant information. If you add a payment or shipment this will move the order through automatically. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to cancel an order via the API

It’s completely undocumented (please document veeqo :slight_smile: ), but it is actually possible…

If you “PUT” to the<ORDERID>/cancel endpoint with an empty body it will cancel the order, I believe shipped orders (obviously?) can’t be marked as cancelled.

does that delete the order, or is it still there with a “canceled” status visible somewhere?

It’s been a little while since I’ve looked at Veeqo, but I believe there is a cancelled status and way of viewing cancelled order yes…

A warning that once cancelled, you can’t restore the order, you can however (I believe) duplicate an order and then process the new duplicate as required…