API & Workflow Questions

1. Does Veeqo support multiple shipments per order? If not in order to determine if an order is shipped can we query the /orders endpoint using the “updated_at_min” and “status” filters?
2. What is a Shipment? Is this a PO notification?
3. Can we cancel orders via the order PUT call?
4. Is there a way to get “all returns” from a specific date? Otherwise we’d have to make a separate request for every order in the entire system if we follow your API documentation.

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Please find answers below:

  1. Yes multiple shipments per order is possible. And if you combine those filters you’ll get recently shipped orders
  2. A shipment is not a PO notification, it’s the record on our side that holds all the info on what service was used, which carrier, the label etc.
  3. No, you cannot use PUT to cancel an order but there’s a specific endpoint for cancellation which doesn’t look to be documented at the moment. I’ll add this one to the docs for you!
  4. Yes you should be able to do a GET request to /returns to get all returns, you can’t filter this one by date but you can get returns in specific status’ like /returns?query=&status=returning however, we are due to make changes to this endpoint in 2021 to improve our in-product returns processes and it is subject to change.

I hope that helps, let me know if there’s anything else you need from me.

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Thank you @laura !

  1. Okay. I don’t see any way to GET Shipments though. So if I make a request to get all recently shipped orders I would assume I would then send a request to get shipments for each of those recently shipped orders, however your documentation doesn’t show anyway to get shipments. Can you please explain?

  2. Got it. Is there anyway for us to get a specific PO or create a new PO? The only endpoint I see here is “List all purchase orders”.

  3. Thank you, please let me know once that is added!

  4. I do not see this query in the documentation, am I missing it somewhere? Will this endpoint/functionality go away when you make the changes you’ve mentioned?


No worries.

  1. On shipped orders you can can find the shipments information under the allocations[].shipment part of the response. In the allocations key you should see many allocations, with shipped ones containing shipment details. (In Veeqo, the allocations have a one-to-one association with shipments)

  2. Currently you cannot get a single PO or create a PO through the API

  3. Will do

  4. It’s not in the documentation currently as we are planning to make changes to it and yes, as explained, this functionality is subject to change with the planned internal updates