Duplicate Tracking References = Failed Orders

Hi, I am posting on behalf of an external 3PL developer. Customers can place multiple orders in a day. Our 3PL then groups those orders and despatches on 1 shipment in order to save shipment costs. When posting back to Veeqo only 1 order is ‘Shipped’ and updated with the tracking reference. The other order(s) are still pending as Ready to Ship as Veeqo only allows 1 tracking in the system. Does anyone know of a way around this?

Hey Lee,

In this situation we’d recommend posting additional shipments to the other orders with a carrier of ‘other’ (carrier id 3) and including the tracking number from the one shipment. This will allow these orders to be marked off as shipped in Veeqo and the remote stores, while only one shipment is actually required

Hey Calum,

Thanks for the update. I’ve forwarded onto our 3PL to see what they can do.


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Hi Calum,
Your suggestion was carried out. This is the result.

we sent

{“shipment”:{“tracking_number_attributes”:{“tracking_number”:“37036310200003D44B64D”}, “carrier_id”:1 ,“notify_customer”:true,“update_remote_order”:true},“allocation_id”:“25532924”,“order_id”:“33167718”}


{“error_messages”:[“Tracking number tracking number has already been taken”]}

so we sent

{“shipment”:{“tracking_number_attributes”:{“tracking_number”:“37036310200003D44B64D”}, “carrier_id”:3 ,“notify_customer”:true,“update_remote_order”:true},“allocation_id”:“25532924”,“order_id”:“33167718”}

got same error

{“error_messages”:[“Tracking number tracking number has already been taken”]}

Can you please advise?

Hi Lee,

In this case the problem is kind of described by the error message. This tracking number is already used on another of your orders so there is validation to ensure a tracking number is not re-used. If you try again with a new tracking number you shouldn’t have an issue