Orders not fulfilling through API

Have been directed here but not technical so need solution in plain English.

We have a 3PL we send orders to through the API
They ship/fulfil and send back shipped information through API so that orders are marked as shipped in Veeqo and that status feeds on to Shopify (order origin)

We are seeing orders that were fully allocated, shipped in full, and had all the appropriate information sent back by 3PL not marking as shipped. Others that were also fully allocated, shipped in full etc. do.

Think “maybe” because of discounting in Shopify something has broken but need Veeqo support to review and tell where/why/how sort.

Hi, @AlexLaine!
Welcome to the Veeqo developer forum!

Can I ask, What 3PL you’re using?

To push the shipment to a remote store, the shipment must be created with the attribute “update_remote_order” set as true. Here’s an example request, when creating a shipment through the API:

  "shipment": {
    "tracking_number_attributes": {
      "tracking_number": "12345679ABC"
    "carrier_id": 3,
    "notify_customer": false,
    "update_remote_order": true
  "allocation_id": 1,
  "order_id": 1

You’ll need to ensure that those attributes are set correctly. Some 3PL’s give the customer the ability to toggle this attribute.

You will also need to ensure that your Shopify channel in Veeqo is set to push the shipped status to your remote store.

Have you got an example order ID/number, that didn’t update on your Shopify store? I can perhaps take a deeper dive to confirm if the above attribute was set accordingly.