Orders Update API

I have spent hours trying to make this API work
Has anyone actually used it successfully
Any chance of a seeing sample payload that will work?

We are actually back to shipstation. I kept veeqo just as back up. I will be creating few labels occasionally to see if there are any developments. As of now this service is only good for ultra low volume Amazon shippers with few labels a day who do not need API or any extra workflow features.

They have a lot of things to fix before this serve can be used

Thank you for your reply.
I was told by the Veeqo help desk that the development team monitored this forum and that I could establish a two way communication with them here. Can anyone comment on the level of technical support one can get here. The help desk say that they are not trained on API issues and cannot help so his this forum just another dead end?

The last reasonably useful answer from a dev rep was about 2 years ago. The API is pretty bad, often returning a success code even if your request is invalid or a change has not been registered. Plus the documentation is lacking / unuseable.

It’s basically now a front for amazon to leach information about what products are selling well. E.g Amazon copied products and rigged search results, documents show

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