Order with unknown items

I’m new to this veeqo. Im looking to intergrate veeqo to our system which used shipstation before.

I want to ask, How veeqo handle order creation if we create an order via API but there is some items which is not yet in our veeqo inventory? Will Veeqo create the product automatically and continue create the order? Or will it fail?

In shipstation with order like this, it will automatically create this item if the SKU exist in the API’s payload.

Hello @vofeg47762,

in this case the items/sellables needed to be created before, here’s the documentation related to creating orders via api, as you can see the order has “line_items_attributes” and each line item has a “sellable_id” and Everything with an ID must be created before this request.

Hope this answers your question, thank you!