End to End Order Workflow


do I have to follow the below steps in order to create and ship an order with the Veeqo API?

  • Create order (with line_items_attributes)
  • Create a new allocation for that order + line itmes
  • Create new shipment with order_id and allocation_id

Is it not possible to avoid the allocation call at least? Can it be done inside the CREATE Order request?

Thanks for your help!

Hi, @Nick.
If there is stock for the order, then once it’s created, Veeqo will automatically allocate the order. When a shipment is made, we’re shipping the allocation and not the order therefore the allocation must be present for a shipment to be made.

The flow to create a shipment through API would be as follows:

  1. Create an order
  2. Make a request to get any allocations for that order
  3. Make another request to create a shipment using the allocation ID acquired in step 2.

Unfortunately, this is the only way you can create a shipment through the API as shipments are reliant on an allocation being present.

Hope this helps!

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Hi @Kristien ! Thanks for the quick reply and the info!
I can work with that!

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