Visibility of FBA Orders

Hi All,

I note the schema of the orders endpoint includes a field referencing whether or not an order was to be fulfilled by Amazon instead of merchant. However we do not seem to be getting FBA orders imported into Veeqo or have a control for this in settings.

It would be very useful to have this as it would make the reporting much more useful and essentially most FBA stocks have to come into our facility from production to be sent into Amazon to begin with.

Am I missing a setting to include these orders?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Hello there.

I have a couple of questions to understand the issue better to assist.

When it comes to order creation we use the following Documentation:

Now on this documentation I don’t see the mentioned information, could you please share with us the link of where you found this?

Also the idea is to import orders from FBA to your own software which then would be sent to Veeqo?

Please let me know if there is another questions regarding this.


Hi, thanks for trying to help me here.

We are not actually looking to port FBA orders anywhere, our use of the API is to drive production of customised products sold as FBM. But while working on this and reviewing the documentation at API Docs - Veeqo Developers (in particular the examples given in the right hand bar showing the field “fulfilled_by_amazon” in the example return) we realised there may be some benefit to seeing those volumes in some of the reporting within Veeqo’s own interface already if that indeed implies that is possible?

Hello @Ben_Weatherall

No issues, Happy to assist!

In this case just to confirm the issue is that you don’t have orders from your FBA channel pulling into veeqo?

If so feel free to DM me your company ID to take a look.

If not and your issue is more related to order customer customizations please let me know.