Want to Migrate from Shipstation. Couple of questions

  1. It seems that veeqo is supporting Buy Amazon Labels in US. However checking the API it doesn’t seem to be one of the “Carriers” . Does it mean that it is not supported by API yet or will it just provide another rate line as technically Amazon is not a carrier but a pass through ? And also do we even need that as it appeared that while using veeqo we are covered by the same INR promise that Amazon Labels do (that is the main reason we use it)
  2. What about order customizable product data ? Is the link provided in the API ? We do ship fair number of customizable items.
  3. Is this build on SP API ? Seems like it is.
  4. Probably not programmatically related but Amazon has “promotional UPS” rates. Seems like veeqo does not have a good contract with UPS. Is that correct ? Also do we save money by bringing our own UPS/Fedex account or do you have good pre negotiated rates ?