Amazon store - How 'Amazon Order ID' got synced and shown in Veeqo?


I am considering about connecting our Amazon store to Veeqo and ‘Amazon Order ID’ is the key of our migration. I have the following concern which needs your help:

Will “Amazon Order ID” will be synced as OrderNo in Veeqo (or returned in “number” attribute when making API call

This is an example of an Amazon order with Order ID. I wonder if the ‘Amazon Order ID’ will be synced and shown in Order column in Veeqo when imported?

Thanks for your reply in advance.

Hi Veeqo Support,

Please can you help look into this and advise. Thanks

Hi Veeqo Support Team,

It would be much appreciated if you can help look into this and confirm about the field mapping between Amazon order and Veeqo order.


Hello @khanhbe,

I hope you are having a nice day and also I do apologize for late response on this question.

This is correct, after you connect your amazon store that ‘Amazon Order ID’ will be synced and shown in Order column in Veeqo when imported.

This ‘Amazon Order ID’ will be returned in “number” attribute as you mentioned, Veeqo will create a separate ID for his own Order ID column on the database table (that number is present on the link when you open the order on Veeqo)

If you need assistance connecting your store please feel free to follow the guide below.

Thank you so much for your response, @sebvargs.