Amazon Customizable product data?

For a huge json that you have for order details - you don’t seem to retrieve “Customizable Product Data Link” from Amazon. Forget about json data with fields (some people would be so happy with that)
Even Ship Station added that to order notes. Seems such an easy thing to do… I Could not find it in response on “Order Details” Or “Order List”… Am I missing something ?

Hey Alex, just wanted to clarify; are you asking whether we pull in the field called Customizable Product Data Link from Amazon? If so, it would be a feature request as we currently don’t pull in Amazon Custom data. You can make a feature request by raising a ticket.

Adding a link from the report you are consuming anyway should be a common sense.
But I’m not the one to teach you business.
That is fine. You don’t generate labels through the API anyway now… So, no go for us…

I built out an automated solution for importing custom data from Amazon Custom and Handmade orders into Veeqo. It’s called CustomSync for Veeqo (if you search the Google Chrome Web Store).