Shopify Order Id not coming in List All orders endpoint

I am getting orders from veeqo via a list all orders api I don’t see anywhere the shopify order id in the api. For eg : 3854992222948.
Is there any way to get this?

Thanks, I am talking about shopify order id and not the veego order id. Veego order id is there, But I want shopify order api in the orders response.

Yes, I apologise.
We do not provide the remote ID in the API, only the order ID (in Veeqo) and the order number.

Is there any way to include that? Because it is very essential to us, We do fetch payment transactions and fraud checks from shopify based on that ID. Otherwise it will be issue for us as we have totally 22 channels including shopify, amazon, walmart etc.

Not currently, but it may be something that one of our support team members can help you with!

I’d suggest popping us a message through the help icon on the top right of Veeqo to get some assistance with this.

I already tried your help and from your help section only, They pointed me here to the developer forum. So not sure where to go now :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s anything we can implement for you at the moment. Perhaps it’s worth asking the support team to forward you to someone that can talk about your workflow to better help you with this.

I would suggest, in your implementation that you search for the orders based on the order number if that’s possible on your end.