Shopify Order Update

Anybody know what order parameters are updated regularly between Shopify and Veeqo? If a customer calls and we change delivery address on Shopify, will this update Veeqo?

Is there a list? So many questions - sorry!

I’m non technical - I wouldn’t know where to begin updating an API - but would like to know if possible.


Hi Barry,

After an order is pulled into Veeqo the only thing that will be updated are any shipments made either in Veeqo or Shopify (including tracking numbers). Changes to line items or addresses won’t be synced through once the order is already in Veeqo

However, an API applet would be possible if you limit scope to just a handful of things you’d like updated between orders. Customer details would probably be a good place to start as line items have a lot more moving parts with stock levels and warehouses