I have a query regarding the Veeqo API. This involves work for the Victoria Health account.

There’s a piece of work I am scoping out involving pulling out order line item data from the Veeqo API and exporting it to a spreadsheet, I have had a look at the documentation and had a query about shipped items. Basically, if an order has all or some of its items shipped, where can I check in the API response body when the item was shipped? And also can I confirm if I should use the API Docs - Veeqo Developers endpoint to get this information?


Hi, @seanpertet!
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You can find shipped line items on the Allocations object in the orders response: API Docs - Veeqo Developers

The documentation is in the process of being updated, but in the meantime I would suggest you use the swagger reference: Build, Collaborate & Integrate APIs | SwaggerHub

The allocation modal is described here: Build, Collaborate & Integrate APIs | SwaggerHub

Each allocation contains line items, and a shipment object. If an allocation has a shipment present, then you can assume that the line items for that allocation are shipped.

Hope this helps!

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Yes it does. Thanks @Kristien