Issue with API Pagination for Customers Endpoint

Hi Team,

I wanted to bring to your attention an issue we’ve encountered with the Veeqo API while retrieving customer-related data for our users.

Upon investigation, we found that one of our users has a total record count of 232,632 in the customers endpoint. We’ve configured our API request to set the page_size to 100, aiming to fetch the maximum data per page allowed by the API. Consequently, the total page count should logically be 2,327. However, according to the X-Total-Pages-Count attribute in the API response header, it’s indicating that the total page count is 100. Strangely, we’re receiving the same data as the 100th page repeatedly after the 100th page.


We seek clarification on the following points:

  1. Why is the page count restricted to 100 when it should theoretically be 2,327?
  2. Is there a limitation on the API regarding fetching only 1000 records?
  3. If such a limitation exists, does it apply to all endpoints?
  4. Is there a method to fetch all records from the customers endpoint?

Your prompt assistance in resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @Sooriya ,

Thank you for raising this concern to us, we have raised an internal ticket to our development team so they can further investigate this problem and provide some answers to your questions.

Have a nice day!

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Hi @sebvargs, Thanks for looking into this. Any update on this?