Mark order as dispatched using a scanner

Hi, our current operation has pickers and packers as two separate roles. The picker will pass a trolly of items to the packer to be placed in boxes (thermally wrapped frozen goods).

We currently use a QR code on the Woo invoice, which instantly marks the order as dispatched when scanned using the packers phone.

When a tote/order invoice is scanned using the Veeqo app, the order search input’s ‘ORDERID-012345’ which has nets zero search results, since the order prefix is ‘P-012345’ (you have to delete the ‘ORDERID-’ prefix to find the order). Even once the order is found, there is also no method of marking as dispatched using the app. What gives?

Does Veeqo expect the packer to search for every order using a desktop so that it can be marked as shipped manually? This seems highly inefficient and prone to error.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @KDPDR,

I hope you are having a nice day! I was reading your question but it doesn’t seems to be related to an API query, we normally use this forum for API related questions.

In this case, I would recommend you to open a case with support team, you can do this by accessing your veeqo account, on the upper right corner you will see a “?” icon, if you click on it then you will see the “chat with us” option as you can see below.


This would be the correct place to ask this kind of questions, support team will address it and if it is a feature request they will reassign the query to the product team.