List orders NOT tagged with a tag

The docs only talk about filtering by orders with a certain tag, is there a way to filter for order NOT tagged, or even better, more complex queries (AND OR NOT)

Hi, @chrismatheson!
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Unfortunately, there is currently no ability to specify more advanced criteria when making requests to our API.

An alternative way you can achieve this is to first make a response using our tags endpoint, which you can find documentation on here.

Then, pass the ID values of each of the tags you want in your result, in your order requests.

Hope this helps!

thanks, but passing the ID’s instead of names isn’t much help as I need to query for orders without a tag ?

im back to paging through the whole lot of orders and “client side filtering” which is going to be tough with such massive payload sizes for orders …

these types of advanced query are possibly in the GUI, how long till those internal API’s are public ?

Hi, @chrismatheson.
I see. Unfortunately, we don’t yet provide that filter.

We’re always looking to improve and provide the best experience for our customers. You can submit this as a feature request by following this link: - This will then go to our team for consideration.

I’m unaware of any current plans to update the API in the short term, So I cannot specify an ETA unfortunately.

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