Move order back from "ready to ship" to "payment required"


We have an admin for orders that allows an order to be edited once it has been placed (but before it has been shipped).

With this in mind, the edited order could have a higher value than it did originally. If the order is marked as paid (as our card payment orders are) then we’d want to mark the order as “payment required” via the API until we have received the additional payment…

At the moment I can put/patch:

  "order": {
    "payment": null

Which does actually remove the payment from the order, and the PAID tick goes from the order in the veeqo admin. But the order doesn’t move back to “payment required”… I feel as though it should?

Any help appreciated.


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Really interesting to see how you got on with this. I too need this we get about 30-40% of orders amended.