Order create response is 404

Hello again :slight_smile:
I have another trouble here.
I create order by passing following hash:
:address1=>“31 Reddison str”,
:address2=>“West Souther”,
[{:sellable_id=>5892521, :tax_rate=>0, :quantity=>1, :price_per_unit=>“383.25”}],
:payment_attributes=>{:payment_type=>“Card”, :reference_number=>“number-123456”}}}
Response is: Veeqo::NotFound: {“status”:“404”,“error”:“Not Found”}
Can you help me to find an error?
PS: All fields like customer_id, channel_id, delivery_method_id seems to be present.

Seems I found the problem. I have a product with only one product variant, and it seems that I put parent id as a sellable_id.
I’ll check and let you know.

Hey, Did you manage to get this working?

Give me few hours)
I can’t do this right now

Yes, it’s seems to be working now.
Sorry, haven’t caught it for a while.
Thank you)