.photographer not accepted as a valid email ending

We upload our orders via the Veeqo App and are getting an Order 15389 not created error 400 Bad Request message for 1 order (we upload about 4000 in a month).
I suspect this is because of an email ending that is not recognized by Veeqo, although it is a valid email address (ie xxx.photographer and not xxx.co.uk or xxx.com)
Is it possible to add extra permitted endings

Hi @tech.simimaging

The .photographer suffix shouldn’t be causing an issue here - I tested this my side and was able to create orders with email addresses ending that way.

Do you have any other orders which are also failing by the same error?

Could you email api-support@veeqo.com and please include 2 or 3 different request bodies that are failing to import and I will be able to investigate it our side.