Products created using Ebay inventory API

Hi :wave:

We have recently started creating inventory for our Ebay stores through the Ebay Inventory APIs. Previously (when we used a 3rd party integration to create Ebay invetory), if we sold something on our Shopify store, the stock would be reduced on the Ebay store by Veeqo. However, since we started creating products with the Ebay Inventory APIs, we have been informed that Veeqo can no longer adjust the inventory quantity, when it needs to balance the stock.

This is having a massive impact on our trading, as stock is not being balanced correctly.

Is there a way for us to enable Veeqo to update this stock or to adjust our Inventory API requests to allow Veeqo access to the Inventory?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hey @mmack, as I understand this is not related to the Veeqo API, can you please submit a ticket with our support team so when can assist you with your query

Hey @mmack,
This issue is on eBay’s side, as products created through eBay’s inventory API can only be edited using their inventory API (see eBay’s API docs). I would suggest raising a support ticket with eBay to resolve this issue.