can you tell which is the api url i should use for inventory where the product variants are displaying in veeqo(i.e https://api.veeqo.com/inventory)this api url is throwing 406 not acceptable error and i require the data of the products such as SKU,barcode,description,listings …Kindly help me with the api url to display the details of products.

Hi, @Sneha!
You can get stock information by using our products endpoint: API Docs - Veeqo Developers

Stock information is present on the stock_entries object in the response!

Hope this helps!

Thank you the information above
can you please tell me what endpoints should i use to get the store listings details which is in the url https://app.veeqo.com/inventory/variants if we use this url to fetch store listings data the error is 406 (not acceptable),so which endpoints i should use to get the store listings of particular products.