Getting Data for Only specific store


We have more then 8 stores when i pull data for all products i am getting incredible amount of columns and the response is very very slow. How i can get the information from products endpoint for only specific store? Is there any path that we can narrow those data coming when i only need inventory quantitiy?

To clarify i just need inventory quantity but when i use command i get about 2000 coloumns with all details and pulling data for only 10 product taking incredible amount of time. (15 min)

I don’t think there is an endpoint that will give you a set of products for a particular store.

The only way I have found to narrow the set of products that come back from the API call is via the ?query=somesearchterm parameter. It’s effectively a full text search and I don’t think it will be possible to use it to do what you want to do.

One way to approach it might be to cache your full product list, eg. make a less frequent call to get all products and save the sellable_id and warehouse_id for the products for a particular store; you can then use calls to the Stock Entries endpoint to get just the stock for the products you are interested in.

Hello Crb03,

Thank you very much for your answer. I understand, Is there easy way to get sellable_id’s in this case? Since product page only showing by page i need to make so many different calls to get all pages.

Via the API, the only way is to page through via lots of calls I think, unless you can use a query to narrow down to the products you are interested in somehow.

If you download your products as a CSV file via the UI, the sellable_id’s are in that, if I remember correctly.

To the Veeqo API dev team: it would be really handy if you could enhance the products endpoint with some more structured query options - e.g. to search by SKU, barcode, date updated, date added, channel