Store listings for products

I can’t able to fetch the listings tittle url and price(( this url’s) for particular products in stores,using the product api url in postman i can’t get any parameters for these,so if we use which api url we will be able to fetch the the listing url and price,i have attached the screen shot also what i exactly want to fetch.


From my understanding, listings need to be linked to a product. You can then use the list all products or view product detail calls (API Docs - Veeqo Developers) and the ‘sellables’ that are returned are your linked listings.

I don’t know of a way to start with listings in the API and work backward to products.

I’m just setting up our system so might be worth contacting support to confirm.


the product_url which will redirect to the official web page like amazon,shopify…i.e i have mentioned in the above screen shot,and the product price in different stores this things we exactly need but the when we try to get the data in post man the product url value is null,so kindly help me with this.

I can’t test this at the moment, but if I was going to look, here’s where I’d start;

Look at the response body and go to lines 148 & 149 (active_channels and channel_sellables most likely this one*).

The docs don’t show what data will be returned in these arrays, so you’ll just have to investigate.

You might be better to raise a support request a this is a ‘best guess’.