Channel/Store listings via API

I’ve built an integration that creates new products from WooCommerce into Veeqo.

I have been looking how to assign these products to listing - but I don’t think this is possible via the API.

How do the existing integrations achieve this - eg if I install the shopify direct integration, I understand the listings will be created?

Of the products I’ve created through the API I can’t seem to create a listing for these through the UI - how is this possible, if listings cannot be achieved through the API

Hey @jbpwks,
Creating listings via the API is not currently possible at the moment and need to be done through Veeqo’s UI.

Thank you Sam, appreciate your response.

I’ve been able to sync the products via the api with no trouble, I just now can’t seem to generate those listings through the UI.

I’ve tried to follow some documentation but can’t get this working. Do you know a good guide which will show me what I need to do?