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Just started to explore the Veeqo APIs and I have two queries.

I’m able to fetch the products from product-listing API but how can I fetch the products for a specific Store/Channel?

When a trader updates their inventory in Veeqo, how can a third party channel get notification / be updated?

Awaiting for your feedback on the above points.

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  2. You would have to poll the API periodically. Unfortunately we don’t support webhooks at present.

I hope this helps, let me know if there is anything else I can help with!

Hi Phil,

Many thanks for your reply.

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Trying to create an order and find the correct sellable ID based on SKU code using the endpoint. It would be useful if you could search for SKU and also use the channel_id as a filter as customer has various sellables with the same SKU but these relate to different channels ebay, amazon etc. Or is there another way of doing this?


At the moment we can’t filter by channel id on the request but you should be able to search for product SKUs by using the free text search query on the list all products end point

The request would look something like:
where SKUMYSKU is the product SKU you want to search for.

You’d then have to process this data to only include products that contain the channel id you’re looking for