How get all products with API request


I have 1179 products in the general list in veeqo. And I want to get all my products through API ReQuest. But with HTTP request I got only 133.
I made API request on 100 records (intervals more than 5 sec):

The first request was issued to me 100 Products, the second - 33, the third - 0. I don’t understand why this happens. How do I get data about all my products?

I also made an of all products from VEEQO in CSV and then in Google sheets. All of these 1179 products received from the CSV file. From the CSV file, I can get a list of goods with SKU but I don’t get ID Product. I need it to update the residues.

Hey @rembish,

Thanks for your question. This could be happening if you have lots of product variants within each product. Within each product in the response, there is a sellables field, which contains information about all the varaints for that product. You can iterate through the sellables to retrieve the data you need.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean with your second question - did you export a CSV from Veeqo? There should be a product_id field within that CSV that you can use. Please clarify if I misunderstood your question.

I have many options for each product, such as sorting by color or size. That might explain why I got a grouped list.

As for the second part of my question. I exported all products to CSV from veeqo and got the full list (1179 products). So this list contains SKU, and product_id. But I can’t do with this product_id API request ( to get all product data (Eror404).
I can’t update product balance data because product_id != id. Are there other ways to query and get stock balance data at each warehouse for each product?