Data Export Queries

We’re producing a product inventory feed data file for regular automated export and having started to test the system I have some questions:

1: In a single request we can only export 100 inventory records, is this the limit or can it be increased?

2: Is it possible to export the Product Properties field through the API?

Both of the above can be done through a manual export in the system, is it possible through the API?


Hi @555666

When listing all products, you must request it on a page by page basis, as such the limit is 100 products per page as is the case within the UI. If you know how many pages of products you are expecting however, you could make consecutive requests, increasing the page number each time and fill your data file that way.

With regards to the product properties fields - all available details which are viewable from within the API are documented here: API Docs - Veeqo Developers