Retrieve Only Paid Orders

Hi, this may be obvious in the documentation, but I don’t get to find it.

Is there any way I could retrieve only paid orders when calling the /orders endpoint? I saw all the different statuses available but I don’t find a “paid” status. Or is there any way to exclude one or more of the available statuses?, so I can exclude “awaiting_payment” orders from the response. I also thought about writing in the query field something like “payment” needs to be different than null. But either that cannot be done or I don’t how to write queries there.

Thank you for your support.

Hi, @mikel1991!
This is a tricky one because the order status doesn’t necessarily outline if an order has been paid or not. Our API doesn’t support any filters/parameters in the orders endpoint that could help with this.

The only thing I could suggest with this is that you filter the orders after you get a response, manually.

All the best!

Thanks Kris, I appreciate your prompt response.


Hey Kris, since the order status “awaiting_payment” is available. Can we take for granted that if the order has any other status but not “awaiting_payment” it is because it has been paid?
Or could there be any case where the order hasn’t been paid but the status is for example “awaiting_stock” instead of “awaiting_payment”?