Return the API GET request based on the Woocommerce Order number

I need to find how the Veeqo order number is linked to the Woocommerce order number and/or how we can return the API GET request (in Postman) based on the Woocommerce Order number.

For example, the url for Veeqo API would be like:

This would return the Veeqo order number, which is a JSON object with key:value pair of “id”:“108654431”

The Woocommerce order number is also in the JSON object as a key:value pair eg. “number”:“67035”

I believe that the url path would need to be adjusted to something like for this to work, but returns a 404 error in Postman.

The PUT request which is used to update the order works based on the Veeqo order number, but as the Veeqo order number is not saved/stored in WP, I can’t use this as a variable to pass into the script.

Does anyone know how this could be done?