Shipment API: pass in a Carrier name as opposed to it being "Other"

When a shipment is created using the below(bottom), it creates a shipment and there’s a response object called carrier, it returns an id:3 and name:Other. This lead me to believe that it is possible to have a name other than “Other”.

Is there a way to change the “Other” to the actual name of the Courier that we use? There’s nothing in the documentation that suggests its possible?

Purpose of wanting to do this is because the Integration @ Amazon Seller Central gets the Courier and it expectedly resolves to “Other”. The actual Courier is BJS which is on the dropdown and supported by Amazon so we want to be able to send “BJS”. (And send the tracking# and also have the a valid tracking set to yes/true)

This is really important because low Valid Tracking Rate could get the Amazon account or product shutdown or have some perks revoked.

        "shipment": {
            "tracking_number_attributes": {
                "tracking_number": "12345679ABC"
            "carrier_id": 3,
            "notify_customer": false,
            "update_remote_order": false
        "allocation_id": 1,
        "order_id": 1

You can’t specify the name of a carrier directly, but you can specify a carrier by its id number.

Checkout the documentation for the Shipments API (linked below) for more details: