Veeqo now supports OAuth


Veeqo now supports OAuth.

The update has been deployed and is now in a open beta. We’ve completed our initial testing and it all looks to be working well. We still need to update the documentation and there are few manual steps that need to be automated but is a much faster and more secure way of authentication for your apps in Veeqo

We need you to give us your feedback on how it works and what we need to improve. Instructions follow.

OAuth Setup

0. Application Set Up

(This is the manual step that will eventually be automated)

Create a redirect_uri and let us know your application name. We will then send you your client_id and client_secret.

1. Authorizing the user

Assuming our application is set up like so:

2. Get authorization code

It is returned in the code param of the redirect uri (e.g. - this code lasts only 10 minutes

3. Make a request for the permanent token

Make a request to using client id, client secret, temporary code, e.g:

Request URL: /oauth/token

Method: POST

grant_type: authorization_code


client id: 4f8a5d37071f0955e3c8a3dcbf3ff0b53c0699d2085cc6b01707fb3eb9912652

client secret: dd04814c033fdbc9a01a9b68100d359edaa41d8ad702a03ae221dd456da1d59c

code: acc2658ced4f9eea257c9da72acea1c97f9e1b1db2118b565355532af13591d7

Should return a response like so:

    "access_token": "82d7b651f3634a5243c4155f8832f09b30de0c115280d0c2ef62512e6bc5312e",
    "token_type": "bearer",
    "created_at": 1510741588

access_token is the token to use in further requests - should be saved permanently!

4. Save the access_token value

This should be saved from the last request

5. Make a request

Make a request like normal with our bearer token, e.g.

Request URL: /current_user

Method: GET

Authorization: Bearer 82d7b651f3634a5243c4155f8832f09b30de0c115280d0c2ef62512e6bc5312e

Where do I get OAuth Credentials
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Just to say, if you’re a bit of an OAuth noob like myself, you need to post the temporary authorization code in with the parameters too.

code: acc2658ced4f9eea257c9da72acea1c97f9e1b1db2118b565355532af13591d7
(from the example above)

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