Veeqo order's line item price formation

When I create order on veeqo, what price should I set to line_items?

  • Price I have on X platform with tax included

  • Price I have on X platform without tax
    Because veeqo adds ~32% over price, I sent through api.

    :deliver_to_attributes=>{:first_name=>“Test”, :last_name=>“User”, :address1=>“Hithrow 32”, :address2=>"", :city=>“London”, :country=>“UK”, :zip=>76018, :customer_id=>9572649},
    :line_items_attributes=>[{:price_per_unit=>152, :quantity=>10, :sellable_id=>10804032}],
    :payment_attributes=>{:payment_type=>“card”, :reference_number=>false}}}

That’s how I create order.
This is a price per item I get on Veeqo $200.72.
PS: I have a tax set of 20% on product item itself, but the price of product item is $ 152 without tax.
Full price is $ 182.4, including tax

price should be without tax and the tax should be price set in line_items

then when a create-a-new-order the tax rate should be pulled in, in the line item attributes.

"line_items_attributes": [
                "price_per_unit": 13.99,
                "quantity": "1",
                "sellable_id": 1226615,
                "tax_rate": 0

Thanx for fast answer, but, after changing params:

   :deliver_to_attributes=>{:first_name=>"Andriy", :last_name=>"Byalyk", :address1=>"Ivana Franka Street", :address2=>"", :city=>"Ivano-Frankivsk", :country=>"UA", :zip=>76018, :customer_id=>9572649},
   :line_items_attributes=>[{:price_per_unit=>152.0, :tax_rate=>0, :quantity=>10, :sellable_id=>10804032}],
   :payment_attributes=>{:payment_type=>"card", :reference_number=>false}}}

I have price $201.02.

It looks like its a currency conversion issue.
Veeqo automatically converts the currency to match your company currency. You can set your company currency to match the channel or vice-versa.

Thank you, Phil
Seems my issue is solved now:slight_smile:


See you next time!