404 Not Found on Create new Product

Getting a 404 on POST to https://api.veeqo.com/products to create new products.

Below is the data.

{"product":{"title":"Scotts Performance Stabilizer - Street Bike Damper ONLY (Universal) - 4200-08","description":"#14520352","notes":"Cloned from 2579","product_brand_id":26642,"product_variants_attributes":[{"title":"Gold","price":386,"sku_code":"4200-08-Gold","weight_grams":1089}],"images_attributes":[{"src":"URL\/images\/uploaded\/839lg_p14520352_a25635.jpg","display_position":1}]}}

Hello @neo_kit ,

I hope you are having a nice day!

Apparently there were some errors on the JSON you shared with us, would you be so kind to use the format below to test on your account?

  "product": {
    "title": "Scotts Performance Stabilizer - Street Bike Damper ONLY (Universal) - 4200-08",
    "description": "#14520352",
    "estimated_delivery": "",
    "notes": "Cloned from 2579",
    "product_brand_id": "",
    "product_variants_attributes": [
        "title": "Gold",
        "sku_code": "4200-08-Gold",
        "cost_price": 0,
        "price": "386",
        "min_reorder_level": "0",
        "quantity_to_reorder": "0",
        "tax_rate": "0",
        "upc_code": "",
        "model_number": "",
        "weight_grams": 1089,
        "weight_unit": "kg"
    "images_attributes": [
        "src": "URL\/images\/uploaded\/839lg_p14520352_a25635.jpg",
        "display_position": "1"

Note: I let product_brand_id on null because it seems like this specific attribute points to another table as a foreign key and if the data doesn’t match you will receive the 404 error.

You can also find more information about the post request for products here: API Docs - Veeqo Developers

Please let us know if you have any questions or if this worked for you.

@sebvargs Thank you. The problem is the product_brand_id.