503 Service Unavailable when importing products

We’re trying to do a dry-run import of all our products into Veeqo, but it randomly fails due to a 503 error (each error is from a different run):

Server error: POST https://api.veeqo.com/products resulted in a 503 Service Unavailable

Server error: PUT https://api.veeqo.com/sellables/[...]/warehouses/[...]/stock_entry resulted in a 503 Service Unavailable

Server error: PUT https://api.veeqo.com/product_variants/[...] resulted in a 503 Service Unavailable

Every test import we’ve run has failed this way somewhere in the first 20 products, but never in the same place. Sometimes it manages to sync 15 products, other times only 4.

Is this a temporary issue your end? Is there anything we can do to alleviate it?

Hey Tam,
We’re looking into this at the moment. Unsure as to the root cause right now. Will report back to you asap.

Please can you confirm the user or company ID that you are making requests with and the last 3 characters of your API key.

I think the user ID is 24640.

API key ends in ca9.

The error’s I’m seeing in our back end at the moment indicate that there is an incorrect sellable_id.
Which shouldn’t throw 503 errors.
Can you try and run it again please.


What ever you did seems to have fixed it!


Let me know if you hit any more issues!