API call to edit bundle inclusions

Is there a way to edit bundles or which products are included within a bundle using API?

Hey @Zoe, you can target the /kits/:id endpoint to get details about a bundle. The response will contain a contents field which is an array containing the contents of the bundle.

Each entry in the contents array will contain an id field which you can use to target the /kits/:id/kit_contents/:id endpoint. You can update the quantity, or product variant, by making a PUT request to the endpoint, with details about the quantity and/or new product variant in the body of the request, like so:

    "kit_content": {
        "product_variant_id": 139784571,
        "quantity": 10

Similarly, you can add a new product to a bundle by making a POST request to /kits/:id/kit_contents/, following the same format as above.

You can also remove a product variant from a bundle by making a DELETE request to /kits/:id/kit_contents/:id.

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Hey @fullsam , really appreciate this. Is there ay documentation on this endpoint? It’d be really helpful since I’m still familiarizing myself with Veeqo API.